NSW Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial
Transport for NSW and Roads and Maritime Services have developed a Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial for classic vehicles 30 years of age or older.

The log book trial will allow classic vehicles to be used for 60 days of general use (i.e. maintenance and personal use) each year, outside of club organised events. Each day’s use must be recorded in a log book issued at a registry or service centre.

The log book trial will operate for two years, with an evaluation to be completed during this period as part of Roads and Maritime’s review of the overall Conditional Registration Scheme.

The Triumph Motorcycle Register is one of the participating clubs in this Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial.

Details of the Trial can be seen HERE

Important Notice to Members
ACT Log Books and NSW CAO's

A reminder to all riders of bikes on historic plates.

ACT registered bikes: You must carry your log book and have it filled out for the day's ride. The registrar reserves the right to (and will) ask you to present it at our club events.
If you do not have a log book please advise a committee member and we will arrange one for you.

NSW registered bikes: You are not required to carry a log book, but you must have with you the "Certificate of Approved Operations" that is issued to you upon registering your bike.
If you have misplaced this certificate you must contact the NSW RTA for a replacement.

Note: The club has been made aware of police booking riders for not carrying documentation.
We are told it is equivalent to riding an unregistered bike.


The TMRA is authorised to issue eligibility forms to enable members in NSW & the ACT to register 30 year old plus machines in the Concessional Registration schemes (CRS) in their state/territory.
Any TMRA members wishing to take out CRS on a machine should
contact the Club Registrar, Lorraine Litster: EmailTheRegistrar

The Registrar will tell you what is required and, if the machine is eligible, will issue you with the necessary form and a copy of the rules regarding the machine’s use.

The rules regarding when you can use a CRS registered machine are significantly different in the ACT and NSW so riders should familiarise themselves with their state’s rules. As these rules may be amended by governments we have included the web link to these documents below. If you are unsure whether you can ride your machine on particular event or run please contact the Club Registrar for clarification or if necessary approval to use the machine.

Lorraine Litster
Club Registrar for the Triumph Register of Australia
Ph: (02) 6231 8873
Mob: 0401 400 754
Email: EmailTheRegistrar

Regional Assistant Registrars appointed by the Committee:
Brian Weelands (North Coast) - ph 0418 691 643
Rick Moss (inner Sydney) - ph (02) 9541 0615
Peter Gallagher (western Sydney) - ph 0414 783 100
Toby Bateman (southern Sydney) - ph (02) 4443 8501
Col McAndrew (Northern Rivers / Ballina)
Danny Ryan (Newcastle/Hunter)

ACT Rules for CRS Registered Machines:
Click HERE for their web page

NSW Rules for CRS Registered Machines:
Click HERE for their web page

Additional Downloads:

Guidelines for Modifications to Motorcycles (NSW)
(59kb PDF file)

Guide to Club Registrar Duties (ACT)
(82kb PDF file)

can be found at: